The end of the weekend

I dont have a lot to say today. It's been a quiet weekend. We ended up no going anywhere but the grocery store and that was ok. We just rested, spent time together and rested some more!
I got a little more aquainted with twitter and actually had some fun goofing off on there. There are a lot of interesting and talented people using twitter these days. Also TONS of spammers. As its said though, keep the good and throw away the rest.
I set up a Facebook fanpage also. I hate the name of it. Really bugs me. Fan page. like you're some kind of star. It's done though and I will try to keep it updated regularly. Though it seems it does much the same as a blog.
I had a chance to do some stitching the last night and finally completed the face of the sun on 'Small World' I am so happy! I can finally see an end in sight! So here she is in all her glory:

I've been having a lot of misgivings about this blog lately. I know I can tend to be negative so I have been trying to keep my mouth shut. I also have to remind myself that I only started this blog for myself and my family. When I keep my thoughts turned in that direction I'm fine. When I see all the peoples blogs I read and how they have people commenting their posts and big discussions, etc. then I get negative. I have met a few wonderful people here in blogland and I do appreciate them. It seems though that most people arent really interested in what I am saying or doing here and that is why I sometimes wonder if I should continue. But be that as it may. I guess I dont care if Im boring. I will continue for the reasons I started and hopefully I dont bore you all too much :p
8 comments on "The end of the weekend"
  1. Hon, it takes time to build an audience (5 years for me!!!) and a lot of them you will never know because they don't comment. I find some spots get more attention, like Flickr, so just divide my time between the two.
    As for negativity, NAH, it bugs me when i read a blog that is all MarySunshine sweetness overload___how real is that? You're supposed to bitch *and* exult!
    Your work and style is wonderful---never give up on that, stay true, be true.

  2. When I noticed that it drags me down to read sites on political revelations & stuff, I decided I couldn't make the world a better place EXEPT by making MY world a better place and share this. In my research on the colourful things that I do and that others do, I found all this eye candy from quilters and other kinds of fiber art, I found painters and other artists. And this reminded me of the fact I had been silently working on my own with neither much critisizm nor encouragement ever since I left the academy, and artists need a bit of both. It is some "carmic" matter as well: If you want to hear something confirming, some "well done", you have to start with the others. And it worked. Not only because they are polite; sometimes the silence speaks loud and clear. But also this is something an artist needs.
    I'm happy that there is your blog which I can visit every few days!

  3. I follow your blog. I don't comment often,partly cause I am a slow typer. I just started a blog last month and trust me,that's a mostly unread blog,LOL! I don't care. I'm new and it is a place where I can keep up with what I'm working on. I don't think I will ever be able to post every day either! I enjoy your blog.

  4. I've had moments when I think, "why, why am I doing this?" Both Arlee and Eva are right and I agree with them.

    Only you can decide whether blogging is something that makes sense for you, but I hope you keep going.

  5. oh poor you. We all have days like that and as someone has already said it takes a long time. Hang on to the friends you have in blogland (including me!!) and know that we all understand how you feel. It's a lonely old slog sometimes but I am with you in spirit. x

  6. Diane, it does take time for lots of people to find your blog. However, the numbers are not as important as having them come back to keep up with you and what you're doing. As connections are established the comments and discussions will happen.

    I would miss you if you "dropped out". Your work and life are unique and I feel privileged to get a peek. Thank you.

    PS: Your sun makes me smile ... she looks a bit piqued at it all.

    PS: Here's one thing that I learned from one of my readers in Australia with a dial up server to make my blog more easily loaded. Limit the number of posts per page to eliminate frustration in loading your blog. My blog, too, has a bunch of stuff in the sidebar, but only 4 posts. I haven't had any complaints about difficulty in downloading it.

    PS: I just checked the # of subscribers you have in Google Reader ... 19 and I'm one of them. That's a pretty good number.

  7. Diane, the thing that will give you encouragement with your blog is to get more, interested, relevant, readers.

    I started mine in September 2008 and now get about 3,000 visitors a month (80% new). That's not to brag, just to show you that, with a little direction and purpose, it can be done.

    Just leave a comment on my blog if you want some help; Or DM me on Twitter @kaphoen

  8. Hello, I haven't been here for awhile and came over from Eva's. Very impressive and fun stuff you are doing here, I like that paisleys take on a life of their own, cloth bindus or protozoan life forms.

    As for the people getting lots of comments - I get regular commenters, but am prone to envy of people who get more. I have noticed, I must admit, that all those people respond graciously to each individual comment (ie, "You are right, PK, I was having a bad hair day") , something I don't do a good job with.

    It takes time to see if connections with individual bloggers develop and also to see if they keep on blogging. But, other than that, linking out to other in posts is a pretty good idea for making contact. Struggling with this one at the moment myself as I have had an ongoing project and when I'm not linking out enough it seems unbalanced.

    To go on and on...I think possibly there's a conflict for creatives, who want to focus on the work. Some successful bloggers are those who can build up a cult of personality, and that can be at odds with producing work ( at least, in my case - "NO, don't look at ME, look at this cool thing I made".

    Um, thanks for listening.