No pictures today, sorry. Last night I was up till 6:30 am. Insomnia again. I swear I am seriously considering switching to being an all night person and then my problem will be solved *grin*
So I am seriously gearing up towards opening this etsy shop thing. Today I wrestled with my banner for several hours. Had to resize it and lost half the image. I finally managed to wrangle it into submission but unfortunately much of the quality has been lost. I'm going with it though. I can always update it later right?
Also spent quite awhile filling out all those sections in the shop...shipping policies, etc. So I am feeling much closer to getting this off the ground.
I need to review pictures and write descriptions *cringe* I am not a great writer. I have looked at other peoples shops and they describe their items with such beautiful prose. I'm not sure how important this part is but I hope I measure up to the task.
If everything goes as I plan, this shop will be off the ground by the end of the week...if not sooner. Ya'll keep your fingers crossed for me ;)
Now I am off to spend a little time trying to finish this sun paisley pin. I am trying to finish a variety of items for the shop so it wont be so boring *hehe*
Take care and have a great rest of the weekend!
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  1. Sometimes I don't feel like going to bed with so many ideas in my head! Yet I do. Because I don't want to miss the daylight. Hope you can overcome this insomnia.
    Maybe I'll be the first to heart your shop when you start off. Good luck!


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