No more room at the inn

I'm afraid my brain is occupied. Fully. There is no sewing being done here. My fingers cry out for the needle but I must resist. Today I am busy conjugating verbs. Practicing my French at full roar, as tomorrow is my first test. It isn't the BIG test, it is only the half-way test that the teacher gives to evaluate my progression in the class. I am still nervous. I want to do well. Last night we went to visit friends. They are a very nice couple but the wife speaks only a smattering of english. It has always been a little boring when we go there as D will chatter away with the husband and I would sit there and smile at the wife. This time we actually had a conversation. It was slow as I had to search to pick out my words, but there WERE words. Thats what's important. So I may be slow but I can actually speak in french now. The wife told D that she thought I was doing very well and I was happy. Finally my hard work is starting to pay off, if only just a little. So, no goodies to show you today my friends. I am away in book land.After tomorrows class I plan on sitting down and stitching till my fingers hurt! I so miss it. I am right in the fun part. Where I get to go wild with detail like I so love to do, and I can't! It sits here on my side table looking forlorn. No worries though. I wont neglect it for long!
2 comments on "No more room at the inn"
  1. I can understand you so well! But learning French seems to be such an important issue, and it is such a progress to have the courage and talk to someone. I know the French are very proud of their language which makes a foreign speaker a little shy, but practise is vital, and I'm glad you have been getting further on. Good luck in your test!

  2. good luck! I am sure you will sail through, top marks.