of little trees

Yesterday was a busy, busy day. I spent the whole day cleaning, washing clothes, shopping. All the fun stuff that gets away from you when you go away for a weekend and then have class as soon as you get back home. Well, my house is spic'n'span now ^__^

I spent last evening working on the trees in Small World. First I needle felted a whole pile of them

Then I placed them on the piece...

and now I am working on attaching them.

Slow work but I am loving the texture and the three dimensional quality of the needle felted pieces. I am finding this piece very satisfying in many ways. It will be a slower piece, but thats ok. I like slow cloth :)

Tonight my honey and I are going out to a wine bar with a whole group of our friends. First they are all meeting here for appero. A small get together to celebrate my birthday. It will be an interesting evening as they are all good firends of ours, yet none of them have ever met any of the others. Also the new girl in my language class may join us. She is Russian but speaks perfect English AND she just moved here from...Washington State! Hard to believe I would meet someone who lived so close to me over there. Ah I miss Seattle....

I am quite happy as after today I dont have class again until TUESDAY! YAY! Long weekend here I come....I plan on getting lots done ^__^
Hope you are all having a stupendous day!!!
2 comments on "of little trees"
  1. Sounds fun! I wish you a nice evening and lots of encounters and to have a great time!

  2. Have fun! I know what you mean about missing Washington. I am originally from back east US, but have spent the last four years living out west. I like it, but there are times (mainly in the Spring) when I miss the green lushness and the colors of the blooming flowers so much it is a little ache in my chest.