Country living

Time here in the country is always the best. Laid back, easy going living. We arrived last night to much fanfare. This is what greeted me at the door. Lil sis had been working hard to wish me an American Happy Birthday!

She even cut out these little flags and put in each wine glass. There was also had a stack of presents at my place! What a sweetie. We had much fun and good food...and even a wonderful chocolate mousse cake like only the french could make. Superb!

This morning this little guy greeted me on the terrace! I have never seen such a bright green frog in real life. We also found several others among the branches. They seemed to be sunning themselves.

This afternoon we went off wandering around the countryside and I took some photos to show you. It was such a beautiful time. Everything is starting to turn green and its just wonderful!

I haven't had much time to work on my project but I did get most of the clouds and moon attached!

Hope you are all having a great weekend!
2 comments on "Country living"
  1. Happy Birthday to you --- even if I'm a little late! So happy to know that you are well on the road to recovery. Feel better and better every day!

  2. Hi! I have given you an award, no obligation to do it if you don't want!
    I have salts...sea salt. recommended by a friend. Thanks so much for that.