Small World

So my mind has been consumed with my latest project. I want to combine so many elements into this piece and it was hard to say where the focus was landing. I finally broke down and printed some copies of the drawings in different sizes and cut the pieces out. Then I could play with them to my hearts content until I had the sizing satisfactory in my mind. I had originally thought up this idea as a sleeping moon with a small dream bubble popping up beside his head. It just didnt cut it in my book. I liked the sun and the world both so much. I love little patchwork fields and the idea for the paisley rayed sun was just too delicious in my mind. I needed them bigger! This is what I finally came up with...

I think its a nice blalnce.
Next I wanted some nice sunrise colors behind my sun. Since dyeing is out of the question right now. (when I find some more soda ash I am buying a TON) I decided to hand paint the sunrise...also the night sky...and the patchwork fields *grin* I just couldn't stop! I have really been enjoying picking up a paintbrush again. It's been a long time since I did any serious brushwork. This photo shows the colors still wet. As it dries the tone will mute a little.

Next I want to try a few experiments for the moon. I would love it to have a little iridescent glow to it. I'm not sure how I will go about this but I have a few ideas...more tomorrow!
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  2. The sun looks a little menacing. What will she do while the moon, the keeper of the landscape, is asleep?
    Good idea to be painting a lot of it.

  3. Soda ash? I may have some from my dim and distant city and guilds past. I promise I will look tomorrow. In the meantime try 'Art Van Go' google them, they are in warwickshire I think, UK. Thanks so much for the concern re my damned leg, I think I am getting there and I am trying so very hard to keep it up.