Happy Birthday to me!

So today is my birthday and I had planned on lazing it away. Eating fattening food with my feet up on the table *hehe* Well...something like that.
Anyway...nix that! I have barely had time to sit down. Dorian told me right before bed last night...that we are leaving after he gets off work today. Going down to the country for the weekend.So I spent the morning in the kitchen cooking up all the food we have in the fridge that would go bad. I made some nice pulled pork sandwiches and asian coleslaw. YUM! Than had to run around getting laundry done, dishes washed, house straightened, clothes packed, sheew!
Now I am all done except picking out what supplies to take with me for my project. I am going to sit here and finish needlefelting clouds right now. I am trying to get the background finished completely before I start embellishing and I dont really want to drag a bag of wool around with me all weekend *grin*

I finished all of the bottom layer of clouds and attached them last night. I really love this three dimensional look. I also ordered some beads to go on this piece. I hope they come quickly!

I'm going to cut this short as I have to pack my supplies and finish needlefelting the clouds..then I am off to the country for music, wine, cake and fun! You all have a wonderful weekend!!
3 comments on "Happy Birthday to me!"
  1. Happy birthday, Diane! I wish you a year of success, happiness, and good health.

  2. hey, happy birthday!!! Hope you have a fantastic weekend.x

  3. Such lovely work. THe clouds are beautiful!