Sometimes I think I want to much. I don't mean material things. I am not a material girl. (that is unless you are talking about ACTUAL material...that doesnt count *hehe*) I just want to DO so much. I swear my mind is constantly flitting off in all directions and reading all the blogs I do doesnt help that one bit. ^__^ I read well over 100 blogs. Some of them I just skim, others I take the time to carefully read every word. They are a wealth of information and never fail to inspire another head over heels jump into another direction. I want to do TOO MUCH!!!! I have so many ideas crammed into my head right now that sometimes I just Cant. Sleep. At. Night. My brain wont shut down. This is why I found myself in my room tearing everything out of my closet and pouring over my fabric selections because I decided that I just HAVE to have new clothes. It is true. I do need new clothes. I came here two years ago with a very limited selection of clothes. I prefered to pack treasures into my suitcases (including material Shhh!) The problem is I dont have the material to make what I want and I have altered and reconditioned my clothes to death. I know somewhere in there is the solution though...so my brain will continue to spin until an idea POPS to the front and then I'm off! Until then I will keep that one spinning in the back waiting...

Today I decided to show you a few more pics of the card my sis made. I never told you before but I come from an extremely talented family. It seems that everyone of us (all 6) kids ended up with a little of the creative spark...if not a lot. The boys chose to use it to build houses. The elder coming up with some beautiful designs at the beginning of his career, the younger chosing fine craftmanship to show his talents. We four sisters have all dipped our fingers in the fabric pool..one of us basically drowned *hehe* My one sis is, I swear, chained to her sewing machine, owning a wedding and prom shop, a fabric store AND a costume shop. The youngest above me (I am the baby) has such magic in her fingers when she weaves and quilts, its just amazing. This is a shot of the one weaving I own that she did, a treasure I brought with me across the ocean in my suitcase.

My oldest is in love with paper crafting.

It is rare that I have an opportunity to show any of my sisters work so I cant pass this up. I wish they would all start blogs so the rest of you could enjoy their creativity.

2 comments on "Dreams"
  1. You are lucky to have a family with love for arts and crafts, so they support you and understand the creative urge. I understand the drive to do something that won't even let you sleep. Wanting to create is a sign of life, so I'm glad you can enjoy it. It is a lot worse to be without the creative impulse!

  2. such a talented family! so nice when they understand what you do rather than adopt the blank bored look when you rave about your latest purchase/find/technique/ sewing machine..........