The dust bunnies won...

So I decided to take a quick nap yesterday before I tackled the house. I slept THREE hours. I woke up and felt like a zombie. When D came home from work I was still sleepwalking. I managed to get nothing done at all.
Last night I was unable to fall asleep, that'll teach me to nap in the middle of the day. I sat up till 5 am. While I was up I worked on fulling out the face of my moon. I reworked my original sketch filling in some shadows and trying to make the features a little more distinct.

Then I started thread painting the surface. I didn't get a lot done of the stitching but already I can see him rounding out. I so wanted to jump in and start working on him when I got up this morning...but since I didn't get anything done yesterday I knew I had to today.
I'm in the middle of a huge mess in the bedroom as I am rearranging the furniture and setting up my DH's turntables and mixing equipment today. He had packed them away a while back stating he was no longer going to do anymore music mixing.

I was so glad when he reconsidered as I find him full of amazing talent. I'm not the only one...he already has an offer to do a gig at our favorite wine bar. I cant wait! My honey has more musical talent in his little finger than I do in my whole body...and I can play a tune ^__^

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
2 comments on "The dust bunnies won..."
  1. It looks so right how D is standing at the turntable. You can't suppress a talent!
    Not yours either. But especially in times of changing seasons or health problems, it is essential to stick to habits, that's what I'm finding out, too. Your embroidery will not run away.
    And I love the curled eyebrows! What a sweet idea.

  2. housework seems to be the theme of the moment! I managed some....feel very proud that i did it....and am now back stitching. Good luck with hubbys gig!