Finishing Touches

Today I set out to get a few things accomplished. I think I did much better than yesterday considering I spent it spinning my wheels *grin*

I started out with a huge pile of stuff that all needed something done to it.

First I finished off the Flower Paisley Purse. This one had given me much trouble. I put it together awhile back but never liked the way it looked. So I ripped it apart and added this yellow ruffle. I think it really sets it off...what do you think?

Next I made a lining for my ragbag and added some final flourishes to the front of it. It looks very fairyish doesn't it? ^__^
That's as far as I got today...at least so far. I know it doesnt seem like much but I'm happy.

I'm also including a shot of my progress made on the threadpainting. I know it's slow but this one is a hand killer. I am going to take breaks on this as my hands can't handle too much at a time. So now it's back to reducing that pile....
7 comments on "Finishing Touches"
  1. Sorry to hear that the moon embroidery is a hand killer, because it looks so beautiful already. And the bags are very much OOAK. Freaky fringes! When I was 20, I made something similar, a real hippy bag out of washing leather and wood beads, and kept wearing it.

  2. OOOOO the shading on that face is phenomenal!! Well done, Blossom! Really adds wonderful dimension to it.

  3. I love your paisley purse! Good luck with your hands. I can't do as much as I used to with mine and sometimes take Advil before bed if they are really bothering me.

  4. wow, beautiful thread painting. WIsh I could stitch better.

  5. How good to get some things finished off - isn't it strange that they can sit around for ages and when you get to them, it doesn't take all that long...

  6. Urban Craft-I am unable to answer you via email so hope you get this. Thanks so much for your comment, I find stitching is much the same as drawing, it improves the more practice you have. If you truly want to stitch better I encourage you to create, create, create! It is a pleasant way to learn ^__^

  7. I have heard that ammonia toughens the skin on your hands...but I would caution letting it stay on too long....I have been following your blog for about a month and have been inspired to do my handwork, too...you are a very sweet person and truly brave to leave the states for you true love....


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