Bon Jour!

Hello Everyone, I am quite happy today as I did well on my test! I worried so much over it that I couldn't sleep last night and finally rose at 5 am to study more. My teacher says I am well on my way. That is high praise as far as I'm concerned. I was so exhausted after class that I came home and slept over three hours! My day just slipped away. I can finally breathe easy though and take some time to stitch again. I will try to have some progress photos up tomorrow. In the meantime I leave you with this:

Bovey Lee is an amazing paper artist. Her work takes my breath away! Please go visit her site and take in her delicate touch with intricate detail. A truly spectacular individual!

This is just a small portion of the picture shown above. What unbelievable detail!!!

Until tomorrow...hope you all have a joyous day!
1 comment on "Bon Jour!"
  1. Oh my God, what did she smoke? -- No, I mean, this is incredible.