Painting on fabric experiment

Continueing on with the Small World project. Yesterday after finishing painting the background in I started thinking about how to do the moon. I really didnt have any fabric that I wanted to use for him. I wanted him to glow softly and that made me think of my window paints. I have many that have special finishes. Pearl, Iridescent and glow-in-the-dark. I wondered how they would work on fabrics. So I cut myself a swatch of fabric and did a little experiment.

First I painted a swatch of each of my selected colors. Then I painted some more swatches with some of them mixed together. After letting them dry I examined them and decided that they actually worked quite well on fabric. They sunk into the fibers instead of floating on top and although they did dry somewhat stiff, they were still pliable to the point that I felt I could sew onto them. They are similar to painting with watered down acrylics.
I chose the blue glow in the dark mixed with the silver sparkle to paint my moon with. The silver sparkle is very nice as its not an overpowering glitter. It just sparkles softly. Adding it with the blue gave it a nice muted tone with the added plus that it glows in the dark ^_^ Fun! I have decided to paint the stars also, probably with a mix of yello glow-in-the-dark and gold sparkle.
I also painted the eyes a pearl white.

All in all I feel like I got quite a bit accomplished yesterday. Today...well thats a different story *grin* French class took me away....
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