The days run by fast...

Hello Everyone! I hope this week is finding you all well. I have had a whirlwind weekend and have barely had time to even look at my project I am working on. Friday I woke up with the 'cold from hell' I didn't let it stop me though and went on to have a wonderful weekend. I had such fun with the family and look at the two beautiful plants they gave me...

My MIL also sent this beautiful bouquet home with me:

I didn't realize just how exhausted I was till I came home from French class yesterday and fell asleep. I slept the whole afternoon away! I am glad I did though as I am hoping that after this I get on top of this dreadful cold.
I did manage to sit down for a bit last night and do this small part on the fields. Today I plan on getting a lot more done though!

I picked up some more silver thread so I can finish the clouds and I want to finish these fields. I tried needle felting one of the trees and I think they will look real nice that way. So I picked out a few shades of green to use and think I might even blend the wools to have more variety. I have many plans for today and tomorrow as I have NO CLASS tomorrow. YAY!
Hope you all have a great day!!
2 comments on "The days run by fast..."
  1. Hope that your cold will be gone soon! -- Gorgeous lilac! How far spring is in progress in France! We'll have weeks to go to have lilac, I guess. -- The clouds are so sweet, they look like taken from Tibetan pictures.

  2. Hi Diane. Good luck with that cold! This piece is looking great.


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