I had another 100-mile-an-hour night last night, you know, the ones where my body can't keep up with my brain and it jumps into hyper overdrive and blasts right on through to the other side...
yeah, one of those nights.
I'm not sure if I should hate these nights or love them. One thing is definite though, I do have a lot of brain storms on those nights. The ideas just shoot in every direction and I find myself scribbling feverishly in my notebook. Now if I only had the time to make everything I dream up, that and the materials. Many of my ideas just sit and molder for lack of the correct items. I am slowly rectifying that situation though!
I have been planning on doing some dyeing ever since I received my precious pack of soda ash from Karen. That is on my definite to do list! It has been a bit difficult to get anything done lately as I have class for most of the week. I find myself tired and slowed down each day after that. Spending a lot of off time cooking, cleaning, well you know the drill. Since D started his new job he has wanted to fill his off hours with activity so we have been out and about much more than usual also. I find my creative hours slowly dwindling.
One thing is for sure though, come hell or high water I am getting this shop up and running in the next week or so. Once that is done I will have one big weight off my chest. I don't even care if I sell one thing. Knowing I made the effort and it is out there will be enough. I imagine with the items I put in there I wont have any quick bites anyway. Most of my things have many, many hours invested in them. I have many ideas for smaller items that I want to work on. I get so lost on my slow pieces though. Its hard to switch gears.
So this week I want to devote to finishing everything that I want to post on the shop. It seems most things require a stitch or snap or something. Also as soon as the tags arrive I must attach them. I need to design a banner. I had planned a drawing but think I might just use a photo montage of some of my work. Then if I can squeeze in some dyeing that needs done I will be set!
This is what I have so far for my banner:

Now I am off to work on finishing up some of these things. YOu all have a great day!
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