I love surprises!

I have been stitching away at my latest project whenever I get a chance. Things have been so busy lately though. What is it about spring that ties you up in so many ways? I always get that undeniable itch to spring clean and then, of course, the sun is calling to me. Also I am back at class now so that is keeping me busy. My pre-test is Monday so I must study this weekend. Busy, busy busy! I have done a little though and I am happy with that.

Yesterday I received a package in the mail. It was a package from my sisters in America. They sent me a wonderful birthday present. When I opened it this is what I saw....

The customs men must have had a ball with this box as they tangled all the yarns together.

was such fun digging into this box! They had filled it to overflowing with yarns, ribbons, beads, special fabrics and all kinds of other little goodies. It is the perfect gift! Now I have all the more goodies to keep me occupied!

And look at the beautiful card that was enclosed.

It has several pages, each more beautiful than the last. I feel very blessed. Thank you to my sisters. It was a wonderful surprise!
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