Two is better than one

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Today I made a big decision. I have decided to open another etsy shop. My floss has overshadowed my art for too long now.Since I added floss to my shop I haven't sold a SINGLE art item.
I have been reading about it and it seems that people who have separated their items into two different shops have on the most part been very happy with the results. Since I have just finished dyeing a large lot of floss and want to list it on the shop, today I will be spending time coming up with a name, banner, etc and get another shop up and running so I can list all these gorgeous new colors. Now if I could just think of a new name...something that goes with cymberrain....

This floss also needs a name...
6 comments on "Two is better than one"
  1. That is some gorgeous, gorgeous floss so I can see how some of your shop patrons might get distracted :o) The blue & green needs some sort of oceanic name. Thanks for the retweet & the Flickr contact!

  2. You are most welcome! You do beautiful work.Thank you for your wonderful compliments!

  3. Atlantis....you know, the lost under sea city..just a thought ;-) beautiful blue!

  4. If you want a name that is likely to be searched in etsy, put Caribbean in the name. My Caribbean blue fabric gets searched pretty frequently.

  5. Why thank you all for the wonderful suggestions...I was leaning towards an ocean name...just couldn't quite get the right one.

  6. you are doing so well! The yarn is beautiful. Good luck with the new shop!


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