I can see clearly now...

I have been a busy, busy girl the last few days. I didn't stop working yesterday until it was time to sleep. Today I hopped out of bed and set to work immediately. I am just now taking my first breather. I did a big dye bath yesterday. Lots of nice juicy colors. Today I did more. I dreamed colorways last night. This morning my fingers itched for the dyes. I didn't even have coffee before I started. I have everything from the first dye bath photographed and packaged, now I just have to wait for the ones from today to finish.

I have a few new favorites ^_^

I also started working on Mushroom Love. I am discovering that yes, I am crazy, crazier than I thought even. This one is going to be a wild ride!

For Jennifer Rose who asked about the size, here is a comparison shot of the base and the top piece together...

Also managed to do a bit of work on Stained Glass Leaf...these both are VERY slow cloths, but that's ok, I like it that way!

Hope your week is going well...
6 comments on "I can see clearly now..."
  1. My week is fine but not as fine as yours!

  2. I'm not so sure about that Vicki, you seem to get more done in a week than I could get done in a year!

    Jennifer Rose~ Yes it is a wee bit, but I couldn't imagine doing that furrowing on a smaller piece. Hard enough to turn the edges under in those holes!

  3. So glad that you can stick to your projects. Being eager to work is a healthy sign.

  4. wow, you have been busy! Love it all, your colours, your fabric manipulation and your book!

  5. Eva~ The iron is definitelymaking a diffference, I havent felt like this for months!

    Karen, thanks so much ^_^