So I haven't had a lot of energy to do anything the past few weeks, but that hasn't stopped me from thinking. I admit some days the thoughts were coming slow but I still managed to gather a pile of them. If I could see those thoughts into reality I would have a PILE of goodies to show you. Baby steps.
This is one thought that has taken some time to bring about. I had this back when I was getting ready to make the frame for 'Small World'. I thought my few tries looked flat and boring. Small World is about texture! Bumps and squiggles and ripples and piles of soft fluffy cloudness! A cloth so full of texture deserves something better than flatness ^_^ So one of the things I have managed to accomplish is dyeing the darker piece here, the lighter piece is the original one I used to frame it the first time.
All this is well and good but silly me...all ready to frame and then I realized ...THE PIECE ISN"T DONE! I still have several hours of work on sleeping moon and around about him. I remember now that I put him down because my fingers were aching so then completely forgot I needed to finish him. Last night I worked for a few hours on stitching. Enough to give myself a blister on my thumb. Time to dig out that thimble!
If I get enough done that you can see the difference, I will post a pic of my sleepy moon tomorrow ;) Wish my poor thumb luck! ^__^
2 comments on "Thinking..."
  1. Lovely blues there! I remember the gorgeous Moon, I do hope you get him finished, without too much blistering of your poor thumb.