Home Sweet Home

I'm back, hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I have mixed reviews myself.
We arrived Friday afternoon in good time to the Cissac-Medoc area which is where the festival is held each year. Just trying to get to the village where the festival is became a long waiting game though. The cars were backed up forever. It was crazy! After we finally got through we drove to the same field we have camped at for two years before and we found it all to ourselves, which was kinda nice.

It's a bit farther walk but we prefer the quiet over the insanity of the designated campground. The first night into the festival was a bit of a shock. The place was unusually crowded and they had completely removed the chairs and tables from the rest area and the cafe area. Not a chair in site on the entire grounds! This was almost a deal breaker for me. I have terrible problems with my joints and my back. My saving grace at these events is a place to go and sit in a proper chair for awhile to give my back a rest. I cannot sit on the ground or stand for long periods of time. By the time we left the first night I was in much pain but so was D, he has his own back problems to deal with. As we left I was shocked to see the amount of trash strewn about the grounds. Here I had talked up how clean it had been before and now it was as bad as any other festival I had been too. By the end of the festival we had both come to the conclusion that we wouldnt be back next year. The feel has changed and so have the people. Too many were brusque, pushy and dirty. Everyone cutting in line, throwing trash on the ground and so many people you couldnt move!

Too many people!

On the way out of town I was amazed to find tents way down the road far past anywhere I have seen tents before.

One guy even pitched his tent between two rows of vines

I can't believe no one else found our sweet little camping spot. I'm so glad that at least one good thing didn't get overran by people. We spent the entire day Saturday at our campspot, eating good food, listening to music, the guys playing football and I stitching in the tent.

A perfect day! So although the festival itself was pretty much a disappointment, the wonderful day spent at the camp spot enjoying the outdoors helped to make up for it. Next year we will be going to a different fest for sure!
This morning I woke up to rain and a leak next to my bed, the guys saying "Let's go!" Is it any wonder I look a bit grumpy?
6 comments on "Home Sweet Home"
  1. you look so tired

    sorry to read the festival kinda sucked :/ always disappointing when people ruin a festival for others.

  2. yes I AM tired LOL
    It is a shame, this fest was so fun the last two years. Lot's of easy going happy people. This year it just FELT different!

  3. Yes, masses bring out the worst in humans. Woodstock was a miracle. -- So good to have a remote place to rest! No places to sit? I used to be a very good ground squatter, but with problems of the back it is agony. How could they remove the chairs? This is too cruel.

  4. It was cruel Eva, I could have cried. They wont even let you leave and come back in!

  5. Have to tell you I love this photo of yours. Although it is not at all flattering! But you look so transparent and sensitive on it, I'd feel like putting my arms around you.

  6. I think at that moment I really could have used a hug!