I came to the realization today that I am bored with EVERYTHING I am working on right now. Well...besides the silk velvet bags. They are not getting worked on right now because my machine is being hard to get along with...but that's another story.
I need some BRIGHT in my life. I love my color. i think thats why I went off on the wild tangent of dyeing a gazillion skeins of floss. I NEEDED the color. I actually put more floss into soak in soda ash. Like I dont already have over 100 skeins made...
So I'm stymied as to what to do. I love the projects I am working on but
1) they are all long term and pretty intensive
2) they aren't colorful at least not in the sense I mean
So I have found myself the last few days making excuses and filling my day with useless tasks. I am going nowhere but in circles. So forgive the lack of pictures and posts. I actually do have some done on my bags and will post some pics soon. (I'm thinking of taking my machine out back behind the shed and giving it a thorough thrashing) I am SO close to finishing them all if I can just sew a few decent seams for about two hours!
So today I stew...and hopefully something colorful will come of it ;)
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