What do you look for in a hand dyed floss?

I have been pondering this question today as I finished wrapping and tying my latest batch of floss to dye.

I myself prefer the soft mix of colors as in Harvest or Siren Song.

Something that gives an all over feel of the mixture. I wonder how many of you feel the same? This is something I haven't really found in floss before, and since I started making it I want every color variation my mind can think up. I love how it goes down.

Such as in this example. I dyed this thread and one other specifically for this project. This piece is using Rainy Day mixed with a dark chocolate brown to give it a darker tone. I love the play of colors in this section. Something that would be very difficult to achieve with solid color floss.

I know that many people love the popular variegated threads that go from one color to another, therefore creating a bit of a pattern. I like these also.

My favorite one so far that I have created is the Rainbow one. Such a fun floss to use! Here I can take one thread and satin stitch a rainbow. I love the convenience of not needing to switch out threads to achieve that look.

So what do you look for in a hand dyed floss? What's your top priority? What do you use your floss for? I'm very curious to learn other peoples outlooks on this. If it something I am going to devote time to, I would like to help fulfill peoples needs in doing so. I know my thread box has benefited from it! *grin*
5 comments on "What do you look for in a hand dyed floss?"
  1. I enjoy the allover color harmony and a change of colour which is not abrupt, so that the shading is well visible over a number of stitches. I own variegated floss, but all colours change to white! Nothing is more boring. If you like to overdye it, I'll send it to you, just tell me.

  2. I like the variegated threads in almost any colour, browns I usually pass at. When I can afford it i usually just make bracelets out of the floss, sometimes I embroider a design on clothes too

    top priority? that the individual threads don't come loose right away. I know with wear and tare they can but they shouldn't right when you get the floss

  3. Eva, thanks for the feedback! Interesting thought about the variegated floss. I'm sure you could end up with some nice color variations. SOmetimes when I make multi colored threads I have to make the color change abrupt as those two colors just DONT mix. Red and green for one...make mud :p

    Jennifer Rose- I am not clear what you mean by individual threads coming loose. Do you mean that the twist isn't tight enough so the threads seperate easier? Or do you mean that threads actually break and stick out from your work?

  4. I mean when the twist isn't tight enough, I have a few threads that just came unwound almost right away when I've bought hand dyed floss from craft fairs and its really disappointing.

  5. Ah, that is good to know. I think maybe they use a different method to wash out their dye that disturbs the floss. I soak my floss in soda ash to start out with, It is gently laid in the pan and allowed to sink by itself. When removing it I fold it into a small ball and squeeze out part of the water. Then after the dyeing process when its time to wash my floss, I place it in a net bag I made especially for washing floss. It lets the machine do its work without disturbinng the floss too much. I will definitely keep an eye out for loose floss though now that you brought that to my attention!