Food Poisoning

I gave myself food poisoning. I forget sometimes about how things are different here. Here when you buy mozzarella cheese it is fresh, it is nothing like back home. It comes in the balls, like fresh mozzarella back home in the deli, but it also comes in a brick. That is how I was deceived. I knew it was a lot softer than brick mozzarella back home but I assumed it was pretty much the same. It isn't. It is not fermented, something I know nothing about at all, except this: when you leave mozzarella in the fridge for over a week back home it's still fine unless you see mold, here...not so much. So I have been sick and spending lots of time in bed sleeping it off. It's also been terribly hot. Thankfully I only ate a little.
Last night I did manage to mix up a nice batch of colors all ready to do some dyeing. I have a dozen beautiful colors waiting for me now. This morning when I woke up it was nice and cool. The heat wave has dissipated. I hope to get some dyeing done today or tomorrow. I have been saying this for two weeks now. I have the floss tied and ready. I have a stack of cloth sorted out and ready. I have colorways planned. Now I have the dye mixed. I guess I can't put it off too much longer eh? *grin*
So here is hoping for a productive day, for me and for you!

Oh, I also plan on trying my hand at homemade bagels, I miss them so! Cross your fingers!
1 comment on "Food Poisoning"
  1. :( I didn't know there was a difference between the cheese in different countries, I always assumed cheese was pretty much the same. good to know now though :)