More progress

Last night I don't think even a minute passed between me closing my eyes and me being asleep! YAY! Best night yet. I am so happy that I am sleeping again. I wake up and I dont feel drugged. My mind is clear and I want to do things. You don't know how afraid I was that that feeling was gone for good.

So this morning I spent winding floss and tying it off, getting it ready to dye. I plan on another big dyeing session later this week. I will be reorganizing the Etsy shop. The big art things that are on there will soon be gone. I will be opening another shop in either Artspark or 1000 markets. Somewhere that is more condusive with that type of work. I will fill my etsy shop with floss, and little things I make. The velvet bags and such. So I have a lot of dyeing to do. More experimenting fun!

Last night I worked a little more on the border of Small World. It is coming along nicely I think.

And finally, I started Stained Glass Leaf. I am so glad to get this project underway. It's been a long time coming!

So, how is your week starting off?
4 comments on "More progress"
  1. the border looks really good :D goes really well with the colours of the centre

    this week is starting off slowly, time seems to be dragging. which is all right as there is lots to do :)

  2. Thank you Jennifer. I was really happy how the dyes turned out on those two pieces. So glad they look good with it!

    It's nice when things go slow, all too often I feel like life is rushing past me!

  3. I'm so glad you can sleep. This is essential!
    When I was living alone, everyone fell asleep on my bed, friends, or my mother... And they said, they can sleep so well in my place. Maybe it still works. Come over!

  4. Thank you so much for the wonderful offer. You are such a dear! I will remember this for future encounters. *grin*