A new technique

So yesterday I finally started working on Mushroom Love. This piece is really going to stretch me as I'm thinking of using a few techniques that I have never tried before.

The first new technique I am going to try is called furrowing. This is a page from the book 'The Art of Manipulating Fabric' A much read and loved gift from my hubby. If you love to play with fabric and have never seen this book out I urge you to check it out on Google Book. A good twitter friend Susan Hemann recommended it to me and I fell in love!
So knowing me, I of course have to make it as difficult and complicated as possible *grin* Wish I could show you photos but hopefully that can be remedied in the near future. I am planning on doing the mushroom on the right with furrowing. I first dyed a large piece of fabric to be used for the 'Small World' frame and for this mushroom.
Now to do a piece in this method since I am doing such an irregular piece I really had to ponder how I would go about this. I am going to do this mushroom in several parts, 1. to give it dimension and 2. because I think it would be impossible to do as a whole! First off I made a real size sketch of the mushroom alone. I cut a piece of fabric in that shape to use as the base. Afterwards I isolated one long section (from top to bottom) Cut two pieces of fabric in that shape and fused them together to give me a sturdy piece to sew onto. Then I had to blow up this piece. I did this by hand and a lot of computing in the head. The pattern piece I tripled in size. This piece is HUGE, over a yard long. I cut this from the dark blue dyed fabric. So now I have all the parts ready to start on this experiment. Cross your fingers, cause I'm not really sure how this will work with all the holes in the middle!
5 comments on "A new technique"
  1. Whoo! That gonna be one heck of an ART piece,, sweetie--can't wait to see it

  2. waiting with anticipation for the results, have seen this book around but haven't bought it yet although that may change:-)

  3. Arlee~ well I have my fingers crossed...hoping I dont make too much of a mess of it LOL
    Guzzisue~ If you prefer big bright colored books full of projects this is not the book for you, but if you want clear concise instructions and technical illustrations on every way to manipulate fabric you can think of..then this is. It's all done with white fabrics and the details are very clear. I look at it and my mind explodes with ideas!

  4. i have the book too, and have often thought of working my way with samples through every page :}

  5. Ah now that would be fun wouldn't it? Can you imagine....*mind wanders off*