Back in the saddle again!

Great News! Veronique from Au Fil du Jardin has loaned me a camera until we are able to buy a new one! What a wonderful and generous person to help someone she has never even met! I am so grateful Veronique!
So...I immediately snapped some photos of the Mushroom Love project so you can better understand the process I was talking about before.
drafting the pattern

first mushroom pattern piece

first section cut out

base fused and cut out

first piece enlarged and cut out

so now...time for some stitching!
6 comments on "Back in the saddle again!"
  1. I know how you suffered! My camera broke on a journey last year, and I was surrounded by the greatest views in North Portugal and couldn't take pictures! Okay, my husband did. But it is different to have your own tool.

  2. The hardest part was stopping on this project cause I didnt want to go any further without taking pictures. Each day I worked on something different so I could take progress photos. LOL

  3. It is going to be interesting watching this piece progress.

  4. The mushroom graphics look WONDERFUL, I can't wait to see more! Will you post to Twitter when you add more photos?

    My camera died in Norway, a few days into 2+ weeks of traveling. (I had to borrow one or go crazy!)

  5. THanks Miki ^_^

    Kari, I try to post to twitter often when I update, Not always but usually. I do post all my pics to my flickr account and I have a special set just for that project titled 'mushroom love'