Hands in too many pots...

Today I am all in a flurry. I have many ideas flitting around my head and tugging in all directions. My paisley piece has made my hands scream in protest. I have suffered for years from what one doctor called "Inflammatory joint disease" but haven't really had a bad flare up since I moved to France until this week. I think all that satin stitching is telling on me *grin* I was able to get a bit more done on it this week and will post some pics if I can get good light today. I might hold off on any more work on it for a day or two though to give my hands a rest. Sometimes I think I am crazy for the things I end up doing. It seems each project I start ends up being more and more intricate and I spend days on end and countless hours on them.
I made three crystal wash dye baths last night. Each with three t-shirts in them. I cant wait till they finish so I can wash them out and see what I got. I am really enjoying using these wonderful variated cloths in my stitching and with the huge pile of clothes that have come into my possession why not make more? I also finally found some tjantings that I could order at a reasonable price. It's strange how I can't find ANY dye materials here in France. I KNOW people hand dye here but it must be a deep secret. I have looked all over for a place in the US or in England that would send me a tjanting without charging me an arm and leg in shipping cost. I finally found one! Now if I could just find something here that I could buy to use as a thickener. Nobody here seems to know what urea is or what a suitable substitute for it would be. Shipping that from another country is out of the question, seeing as the substance itself is dirt cheap but to ship it is 100 times its cost! Sometimes this language barrier makes me want to bang my head against the wall.
I have an idea for a new project and I think I may fiddle with it today. I have a dear friend back home that has been on my mind a lot lately and she LOVES LOVES LOVES fairies. I thought I might try my hand at a pair of fairy shoes for her. I have seen so many wonderful examples. Especially on Annette's wonderful blog Fairy Shoes and Other Things. YOu should stop by there and check out her beautiful photos and wonderful stories. I think it would be just the thing to make to remind my friend how much I love and miss her. It will also be a lot of fun...and nice and intricate. Just up my alley!
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