Hello all, I hope you are all enjoying a nice holiday. The christmas celebrations are over here. My MIL whipped up a stupendous feast for Christmas day and we had many family members over to help us celebrate. Then yesterday we spent the day recouperating and what would happen but SNOW! Lots of it, great big giant flakes tumbling down from the sky. It was so wonderful to watch. IT has been a long time since I was able to enjoy the snow falling. I just sat there and soaked it in. Today the family has left for the mountains and left D and I alone cuddled up in this petite maison a la campagne. He has built up a great fire and I am bundled up here sewing away the day. Sorry I have no pics for this post as I am on my MILs laptop but I promise I will upload them tonight or tomorrow and post a few snow scenes and maybe a few of my paisley project. Today though I am making another shoe...this one a pin cushion. I am having SO MUCH FUN with the shoes. TOO cute. TOO whimsical!
2 comments on "Hibernating"
  1. I'm looking forward to pictures and new shoes. The description you gave sounds so romantic!

  2. I so agree with you Eva, very romantic!!