Fairy steps...

Yesterday was a successful day with my new glasses picked out and ordered. With any luck I will have them before the new year. It will be so nice to not constantly strain my eyes. We postponed our chimichanga meal until today as we forgot half the ingredients when we stopped at the store. We did have guest over last night and enjoyed spending some time with them. Today I made 22 chimichangas. 22! That's the most I ever made at one time. They were so good though and D is still groaning from his overindulgence *grin*

So now I finally have a chance to sit down and relax with a little stitching in my hands. I have really enjoyed creating these little shoes and just imagine how fun it would be to wear them ^_^ I have finished the embroidery on the one and now I need to replicate it on the other. I so enjoy coming up with a design and embellishing an item. I have to admit though, the second in a pair is never as fun as the first. Thats OK, I can just imagine how cute they will be side by side when they are finished. Hope you are all well and happy. Have a great day!
2 comments on "Fairy steps..."
  1. These are really sweet! Why not make your own pair?

  2. Yeah...why not make your own pair!
    Okay...I know I have been slow....But!...I have finally got to the shoes you kept telling me to go look at. I am so bad! I should have known that if you were pushing me to look, that it was going to be well worth my time...and it was! Just seeing these ideas pop into multi-magic reality. I Love You =)