Good Music, Good Wine & Good Fun

A christmas eve celebration...with much music and wine

and a christmas table full of cheer

but best of all SNOW...SNOW...SNOW!!!

Also here are lil sis's window clingy's sucessfully installed...and the one I made her last year...

and last but not least...the beginnings of my new shoe *^_^*

3 comments on "Good Music, Good Wine & Good Fun"
  1. WOW!! Looks so amazing COZY inside and soooo darn cold OUTSIDE!!! Hope you had a blessed Christmas! All the best to you both for the New Year!
    Hugs, Leesa

  2. Looks like your life is a great adventure, my daughter spent time in France, she loves it. I did have an Angora sweater once that I dearly loved! Happy New Year!