Running Myself in Circles

Good Morning Everyone! I have been running around like a chicken with her head off this morning. Trying to finish up last minute christmas gifts and pack. Making myself a small sewing kit and really in a quandry as to what I want to include in said kit. I will be gone for two weeks and I want to make sure I take enough with me to keep me occupied...and not just my paisley project in case my hands start protesting again. This requires, material, beads, threads, needles, pins, scissors, ruler, cloth marker. argh, the list goes on and on. See while I am at Chez MIL I will have much time on my hands and I want to take advantage of it!

This morning I put together lil sis's window clingy's. I really hope she likes the characters I picked. She is really loving the Littlest Pet Shop birds so I think they will do *grin*

Sorry for the weird angle on these. It was the only way I could keep my shadow off of them. I will take a pic of them after they are dried and installed on her windows IF they survive the trip. I am going to leave them on the piece of plastic I painted them on and roll them into a tube to transport them. I really hope they survive the trip and it doesnt ruin them...and I REALLY hope they are dry by the time we have to go. D informed me this morning that we might leave tonight O.0 that was totally unexpected.

I also made some soap this morning for my FIL. I really didnt know what to make him AT ALL. D pointed out that he likes to take lots of showers so I thought why not? I made two nice sparkly snowflake scents ( and no they dont have sparkles in them *giggles*) and two of a spicy vanilla scent. Neither smell too girly so I thought he might like them.
I am really looking forward to our trip down to see the family. I have been so homesick for Christmas and my family and friends this year. It hasnt felt like christmas here at all. I think once I get around a young ones enthusiasm and a house with a tree and baking going on it will feel better. Also I just adore D's family and really enjoy thier company. They are simple, happy people much given to wine and song and good food.We will also have many opportunities to spend time with his friends from back home and I enjoy the company of many of them. We might even have another huge New Years party as we did last year and I had much fun then. I'm not sure how much posting I will get done while down there but I will try to keep up and post a few shots of a french family christmas ^_^ Happy Holidays to all! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas celebration.
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