Cold feet, warm belly ^_^

Today is another gloomy day, one that makes me want to curl up on the couch with my cashmere blanket and a hot cup of cocoa. One thing I really love at Christmas time is a good cup of hot peppermint cocoa. Well, I have to admit I dont think there are too many French people that drink peppermint cocoa. In fact I think there are a LOT of things we Americans eat that they think a little odd. D thinks I go nuts with cinnamon and I dont even think I use it that much. Anyway...back to the hot chocolate. I have been yearning for a cup for awhile now. Do they sell peppermint hot cocoa here? Hell no! Do they sell peppermint extract here? Not to my knowledge. BUT...I found a solution. They do sell a few different large size dark chocolate and mint candy bars ^___^

Problem solved. I had my cocoa. Now if I could just find a few nice, big cocoa mugs. It feels strange drinking cocoa out of a glass!

Last night I found the time to sit down and do some stitching. I finished the little black and white boot for my friend. I have to admit I still dont like it much. It's ok though. I think she will like it and that's what matters. After I finished it I found myself again wanting to make a fairy dress. This might be a future project if it keeps poking at my brain. I also thought these would make cute pincushions if I made them a little larger. The ones I have made so far are just barely over 2".

I also brought out my paisley project again and did a little more work on it. (very little) I find my hands are still quite sore and not wanting to hold this piece for some reason. I may leave it set again and work on my lil sis's christmas present. For some reason I keep putting off that project even though I thought it would be such a perfect gift for her. I usually enjoy working in stained glass paints. I think it might be the weather holding me up. Hard to get excited about stained glass when the sun isnt shining.
2 comments on "Cold feet, warm belly ^_^"
  1. I'm sure she will love the black fairy shoes, whereas I think, black and white makes things look so "normal". Like street wear. I prefer the coloured kind. I mean: what is the purpose of being a fairy, after all? -- Oh, perhaps these are shoes of a fairy incognito!

  2. How far away are you from IKEA? They'll have big chocolate mugs.