The calm before the storm

It is a beautiful sunny day here in southwest France. The snow has melted and the hills are a wonderful array of greens and browns across my windows. I am curled up on the couch in front of the fireplace stitching away the afternoon. Today is a peaceful day.
We had planned to have the New Years Eve party here again this year but plans changed and now it is at someone else's house nearby. Deep breath of relief. Not that I wouldn't have enjoyed it here but it would have been a lot more work. Right now D needs to just relax and enjoy himself a bit. Too much stress already with all the projects on his plate. He has spent half the holidays coding. I am looking forward to tomorrows festivities though. If it's anything like last year's party I will definitely be sleeping in the next day *grin* Ah, my holidays are drawing swiftly to an end. Sometimes I wish I could just spend all my time stitching away. 4 more months of school though....

I have done quite a bit on the fairy shoe pin cushion. I still am not done. I went to put a piece on the pin cushioin part and just didnt like how it looked. Unfortunately I didnt bring any pieces that I do like there so I will finish this piece up when I get back home and find something suitable that I like.

I had also planned on making a star garland while I was here but my pinking sheers are in terrible condition. I'm not sure what I will do about that project now. Guess I will have to get these sheers sharpened or get a new pair...might cost the same.
Hope you all have a wonderful day and an even better New Year's Eve!
5 comments on "The calm before the storm"
  1. Both project have come out fine, the shoes are cute and the paisley is very beautiful. Sometimes it is good for the arts to have a few quiet days!

  2. Happy New Year!

    Those fairy shoes are wonderful ... and it looks as though you're having great fun.

  3. Hi Diane, thanks for stopping by and your encouraging, lovely comment. First of all the work here is beautiful, especially the piece at the top, exquisite. I must tell you that my husband is also very supportive, I stayed home with our children as they were growing up, they are now 24 and 21 and when they both left school he didn't hassle me to get a job, he supported me through 4 years of University. One of the reasons I decided to go to work was to ease the pressure on him a little, which is what I still want to do, only in my dreams, by embroidery. I am actually really enjoying having the extra money but miss being at home and I think I have been too wrapped up in being down about working rather than seeing the positive and using the money to promote my work. Hopefully now the realisation has dawned on me things can only go in a positive way. Boy, this is a long comment! I hope you are well, take care and thanks so much once again, Karen. x

  4. Hi Di!I just went through your entire blog (found you through Jude - Spirit Cloth.) What a cool blog you have here with a wonderful variety of eye candy. My favorite - your embroidered paisleys on this page and further down your blog.I have been thinking about doing paisley something or other for a while now. I just bought a henna tattoo book becuase some of the tats reminded me of paisley and I like their shapes for stitching. I'll be back again soon.

  5. Good thing I procrastinated that long period of non-reading....this way nobody will see my comments. =p
    OK...Here goes...since when, where, why, or how did you get the idea that fairys shoes looked like this? I honestly thought that these were an ~ exact replica of a Jester's shoe. And don't tell me..."Surely you jest" =)