I have no exciting pictures to show you (or boring ones for that matter). It was too dark and dreary to take any today. I promise I will try to catch a shot tomorrow if the sun peeps out. I have two more paisley to join my first and I really like how they are looking. I am stumped as to what this is going to be though. I had planned on making a pleated purse with this piece and I wanted an allover pattern on the material of the purse. The more I work on it though, the more I realize that 1) this is just was too heavy to look right as a pleated purse. 2) even if it wasnt too heavy I think the pattern is to interesting to pleat up and hide part of it. So now I have to figure out what to do with this piece and I hope I do before I finish it. If anyone can think of a good suggestion I sure would appreciate it.
I also did two new dye baths today. One was actually done on a previous piece. My grey and rose piece just didnt excite me at all. It looked to drab so I scrunched it into a bucket again and gave it several good squirts of red. I hope that brightens it up. I also did a yellow and red mix.They are fermenting away in the bathroom and I will rinse them in the morning and see what I get. I really need some good red/yellow pieces so I am looking forward to seeing the results. Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. Until tomorrow ~ciao ^_^
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