More experiments with color

Today I am working on a new dye bath. I wanted a deep rich red so I used two teaspoons of magenta and 1/2 teaspoon of black. Unfortunately from how it looks so far I will get a bordeaux color. Not that I dont love bordeaux, I do, just not quite what I was going for. I wanted it a little less purple. I think I will need to add a bit of yellow to rectify this. I have so much to learn about dyeing and I'm flying by the seat of my pants. Unfortunately I only have a limited amount of dye and a limited amount of cloth to do it with. I guess when I reach my limits with cloth (which Im sure I'll run out of before I run out of dye) I will just have to sew instead of dye.
I am also working on another little shoe. A friend saw my blue ones and begged me to make her a black and white one. This is not the most inspiring theme for me but I am putting forth an effort. I always want to add lots of color with my black and white. Splashes of red, yellow and blue. I have the shoe about halfway done and will probably finish it tonight. If so I will post pics tomorrow. I do love these little whimsical treasures and find myself wanting to make a dress to go with them *grin*
1 comment on "More experiments with color"
  1. YES! Make a dress! DO it, and Blow all our little Minds! =)

    ps: I can't wait. ^^