I'm back!

A few days rest, lots of liquids and sleep and I feel much better now. I have not been completely idle though. I have spent two evenings stitching and slowly my piece comes alive.

I love the bright colors here combined with the black. So vibrant. I have thought of this as a belt the whole time. I think I might have made it a little too wide for that but maybe not.

I also worked on some dyeing yesterday. These are the results.

A smoky black swash with touches of cobalt and violet
and a delicate crackle blue like an iceberg.

A lovely rosy garden of color.

I used the last of the velvet so this is it until I receive my new shipment. I ordered more about five days ago...who knows how long it will take to get here. Last time I ordered my suppliers were away on holiday to China and I didnt see my shipment for almost a month!

Winter Hues

I also had a bit of a set back this week. Night before last the hard drive to my computer crashed. I am on D's computer right now. Fortunately most things are backed up, he has taught me well. One thing seems to be missing though and it almost makes my heart stop with the thought. My entire folder for my website is gone. I have been working on building a web site for awhile. I already have my domain name www.cymberrain.com and I even have a server for it as D has a good friend who rents one and gave us space on it. I have been working on the graphics bit by bit for it. I had most of the templates done. Also all the text for the various pages. In fact, it was very close to being ready to put together. Now I cant find it. I could have sworn I stored it so it would be safe but that doesnt seem to be the case. This is disheartening. I only hope that if it is gone that in redoing it I will do a better job than the last time.

I hope you have all had a wonderful week...soon the week end will arrive!
6 comments on "I'm back!"
  1. mmmmmmmmmm love that rosey velvet!

    luck with the site and the folder!

  2. Dear Diane, did you keep the photographs for the website?
    Was it a shop you planned, or plain HTML?
    A plain website is easily composed. I can help if you want me to. No money! Sometimes I do such things just for fun.

  3. Diane, let you clever nerd husband take the drive to a recover company. Most of the times they can recover data. Will cost some moneys but you have to ask yourself if that would be worth it.

  4. hopefully the folder is found!

    i love those bright colours against the black. :D People wear wide belts all the time, so that shouldn't be a big problem if it is too wide

  5. you should run the color palette thingie. yours would be yummy!!! i really love those embroidery floss colors!! gorgeous!

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