Excuse my silence lately. I seem to have lost my voice. The winter stretches on and the silence is deafening. I have been lost inside myself alot. Many thoughts running around in here.

I have been sitting among this

and this

as I stitch on this...

It is good to sit and stitch and contemplate. I have many changes coming in the near future. I am setting my thoughts in order and preparing myself to once again feather a new nest.
6 comments on "Contemplation"
  1. Hello Diane,

    Quiet contemplation is such good medicine. Just wanted to tell you that Liam's Red Velvet came yesterday and it is beautiful. I am so well pleased. Thank you!

  2. An introverted phase in this part of winter seems quite natural to me. Time to rest and save energy. Colors are helpful, aren't they? If I look outside, I hardly see any. I'm hibernating.

  3. Silent communion with oneself is a good thing....it helps to sort things out and make us more able to deal with whatever comes...

    Take care

    x Chris

  4. I think this is why God gives us winter...lot's of 'down' time...enjoy it ;-)

  5. Hi Diane. I have been ill too and it's amazing how much thinking you do when you are just ''resting''. Not always good thinking either. Hope you are fully recovered soon.

  6. Diane, sitting among all of those luscious colors and using your hands to create such beauty! Take heart! It's so obvious your inner spirit is pushing through the winter blahs!

    I have had a couple of days like this too, where a sense of mourning took over because of major changes in my professional life last year. But so many special people in blogland, without even knowing it, helped my smiles return.

    Feelings are always ok and thinking about them, going through it, gets us to the other side. What a journey you are about to take! I hope your new home is near all sorts of shops where you can go to be inspired and buy more of your beautiful supplies for your beautiful creations.

    Have a wonderful day!