Stitching Update

Hey all! I have been meaning to get a few pics posted of my latest piece but I'm afraid I got distracted with this....

I buy big bags of mixed beads and sort them out myself...I know, I know...crazy! I like a large variety of beads when I work though and love the huge selection I get when I buy them this way. I find so many beads I would have never thought to buy otherwise, and often I only need three or four of a certain bead for what I am doing..

I really havent had much time to stitch on this but the bits I have done have made my mind run on...and I have many ideas that were not planned for it perculating away now.

I also have been dreaming colors again...so I guess I will be dyeing again soon. I have to admit I have been putting it off a bit as the mixing has been difficult for me. Wearing the mask and bent over the mixing table has been too much! Last batch I mixed up had me hurting for two days. Good news though is that I went to the hospital yesterday and had lots of pictures and sonagrams taken of my shoulders, neck and back. Soon I will know what the main problem is and hopefully be on the road to recovery. My wii that I received for christmas has been wonderful. I have always wanted to do yoga but never did get to a class. This seems the perfect way for someone like me to break into it. The wii fit plus gives you detailed instructions on the yoga poses and the balance board lets you know if you are using the right posture. I'm not sure how that thing works but it's doing the job. My muscles are feeling looser than they have in a long time!

I woke up to a flurry of snow this morning and looked outside to see that it had snowed all night it seems. On top of what we already had...we have at least 6-8 inches more. The grocery store called to inform us that they could not deliver my groceries today. Unfortunately I have been stretching food out for the last three days to make it till they arrived. Not sure what we will eat now!

Have a great weekend!
5 comments on "Stitching Update"
  1. Hihi, I have plenty of beads myself, but some feline once made the boxes fall, so you guess what mess resulted from that incident. last year, my computer burnt due to the thunder, and until I could have it fixed, I've sorted all those beads, using bottle caps as boxes...
    About 2 years ago, my daughter requested a WII fit board as a birthday gift. As I'm not a play box person, she showed me all the advantages of it. Leading me to buy one for me instead of for her :-). I loved it. I've used it almost daily for one year. Then I lost a bit of interest, but was thrilled to see the wii fit plus CD. So much more user friendly even, so the board is being used daily again.
    PS when you get bored, there are other WII CD for exercices, that work well too, but without the board. I saw there is one with a camera to provide feedbacks too. I don't know if it has reached France already...
    Good luck for the food. I was expecting snow for this morning, we have heavy rain instead...

  2. I could see that being distracting! So beautiful all together like that. Take care!

  3. speaking as a Canadian, snow is wonderful--for a week--then it gets very boring and annoying! hope things work out so you can get to the nom noms before you resort to pasta and peanut butter mixed :}

  4. ..beautiful selection of beads!...real treasure!....

    I'm fed up with the snow now, but did manage to get some grocery shopping done today...before the next fall on Sunday....

    I've used some of your floss in my giveaway piece...it'll be posted sometime tomorow.

    (ps..have you had an envelope from me yet? I posted it well before Christmas and the others have all arrived.)

    x Chris

  5. Diane, I do the same thing...buy bags of mixed beads. I have so much fun sorting them!

    Lovely beginnings of new stitcheries!