Dye Experiments

I've been thinking a lot lately, about what direction I am going in. Exactly where do I want to take this? I love my dyeing. I can see myself getting lost in it. I love my stitching. I can see myself getting lost there too. I have tried to combine the two and somehow generate a little income with it but it's all still a big question where it is going.
My stitching is so time consuming and intricate that I really couldnt make enough money to justify doing it full time unless my work was in high demand and I could command the price it deserves. My dyeing on the other hand can but I really dont have the facilities to dye enough to do that either. Worst of all though is the fact that every time I go to the dye table lately I just want to play. I want to throw color around and make grand statements with it! I have done several experimental pieces recently. This is what gets me excited!

First off was this...I have been wanting to work with pieces laid flat. I simply couldnt figure out a way to do so though. I have looked all over for flat trays to work in with no success. Then when I was pulling down wrapping paper one day I noticed the roll of florist plastic we had bought to wrap a gift basket. "What if I taped up the corners and made my own trays?" I asked myself. It worked perfectly and I painted away on this piece. It is a bit amatuerish but I like it. It showed me new possibilities and thats what I needed.

Next I delved into pointillism I guess you would call it...but on a large scale *grin* I love this piece! It looks a little redder here in the second shot than it is. The red jumps out to the camera for some reason. It was another step in my learning process and one that really got the cranks turning in my head. This first shot is it dry with the dye in before washing, the second is after the wash but the colors are really somewhere between the two shots. Velvet is SO difficult to shoot!

Thirdly I tried the finngerpainting method...yes people, I did this with my fingers. I added a little dye thickener to my colors and slopped away. A little rough for my taste but a method I could use for sure....

because after I went on and made this with it...this piece has not been washed out yet and so the color is not definite. but usually if I lose anything its a slight toning down of the color and this picture is lighter then the real thing...so probably close to the final product. I am quite excited about this last piece. It says so much to me!

Last but not least...a few pics of wonderful snowy trees for you. These both get my creative juices flowing...but in a completely different directin than the dyes.

Hope you all are having a good week. I will post some pics of my stitching soon.
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  1. Hey Diane...do you have places like our Lowes or Home Depot hardware stores? Have you thought of maybe using one of those wide but shallow plastic trays meant for wet boots and shoes. I watched a women on Youtube using one for wet felting and she loved it. Just a thought...love your dyed fabrics! Hope you are feeling better..xox

  2. I love the direction you're heading in! Of course...I love all of the color! :-) Don't leave out the stitching though. You do great work!

  3. pretty, pretty! I like the contrast of your snow photos and the big blocks of sunburst & color. Your fabrics are so lovely I think I would just frame them or mount them on a stable back and hang them on my walls as art...love the play....it's where all the good things happen...thinking of you xx

  4. ..love the fabric pieces....gorgeous colours.....

    ..just like your threads that arrived this morning!...

    ..going to start playing with them tomorrow!

    x Chris

  5. Your dye experiments look great. My favs are 2,3, and 5.
    Any news about changes? Or was this cancelled?

  6. Janet! I'mnot sure, I havent seen anything like that yet although we do have an ikea. Would love to get to it and take a gander!

    denalan~ No worries there, I would be lost without my stitching!!

    Miki~ Love you loads dear...thanks so much for the encouragement..

    Chris~ I am so excited! I cant wait to see what you do with them.

    Vicki~Thank you so much!

    Eva~ My fav is the last one :)
    D leaves Monday to fly to Stasberg for his interview. If they dont meet his demands we wont be going. One of the main ones is an all expense paid move. I think its only fair since they ar askinng him to move AGAIN within 6 months and they didnt pay for the last one.....

  7. ooh very pretty :D reminds me a lot of tie dyed things I've seen in stores

    everything looks so calm and peaceful with the snow

  8. Love your dyed fabrics, it's very hard to get the price for the amount of work one puts into art, I find that with my journals and jewellery.
    The photos of the snow are wonderful to see as I sit here in my studio with temperatures in the thirties centigrade outside.

  9. Jennifer & Ro...thanks so much. This has been a fun project and Im sure I will experiment more!

    The snow is so VERY peaceful. I love the deep hush that falls over everything and how the snow wipes the slate clean for the moment. Everything so fresh and white and pure. Just lovely!

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