Quiet Weekend

It's been a quiet weekend here. Spending time with my honey. He came home Friday night and informed me that he was told he has been hired for the job, although he has heard no 'official notification' that it is fact. Part of me feels a big excitement stirring inside, another part is holding it down in case some unforseeable event prevents this from coming through. "Don't count your chickens before the eggs hatch", I hear my mother saying in my mind.

I did do a few things to keep my mind off it though, when D and I weren't doing things together. I finished mixing up all my dyes. Everything is ready for another big dye lot tomorrow. So look forward to lots of new velvets and floss coming to the shop this next week. The light was bad all weekend preventing me from getting any pictures taken but I do have about 5 pieces of velvet ready to list in the shop as soon as they are. Also some floss is done. It's been very grey here though.

I made some great homemade crackers this weekend. Fun recipe to try out and great results. Pepper, Smoked Salt, Parmesan, Comte and Pizza. Now tell me...why did that picture turn out so good?
3 comments on "Quiet Weekend"
  1. Your crackers look yummy..pass the wine and cheese please!!!!

  2. I'm so glad things are looking like they're going your way!

    Hope the confirmation comes soon...

    x Chris

  3. I want to make some too! =)