The suspense is killing me! D flew to Strasbourg Monday to interview for the job at 5:30 am. Four taxis, two trams and two airplane rides later he arrived back home again. Late. They hesitated at his salary requirements. He did not back down. I am so proud of him sticking to his guns like that. They are a huge company and used to rolling over people. They already asked us to move here at a moments notice. They also pulled a snafu at the contract signing and pulled a surprise pay reduction... at the last minute. So no more letting them get the upper hand. They need someone up there fast...if they want D then they will have to meet his requirements. Otherwise we stay here and they can go to the expense of looking for someone else. I really would like to know where I will be living in two months though.

Now we play the waiting game...
4 comments on "Suspense!"
  1. Hey Diane!

    Bravo to D for holding his ground! That's something to be proud of.... Keep us posted!!

    Bonne chance!

  2. Hope it goes the way you want!

    Thinking of both of you...

    x Chris

  3. Fortunately you are in a strong position! Your demands won't ruin them, I guess. Good luck!