New Velvets

I just finished up a yummi new batch of 10 velvets...with more to come later this week. I will also be adding some new floss colorways. As always, I love the colors!

Also my velvet is shown in a post by Jude Hill on her Spirit Cloth blog. She is going to be using it in her new project 'magic' and I am so excited to see what she does with it. She was the inspiration that started me back into fiber art and I am thrilled to see her working with my cloth!
5 comments on "New Velvets"
  1. Yes, wonderful! The dark velvet that Jude is using is just stunning! And the brown-and-multicolor would be great for a nostalgic project together with vintage material.

  2. Your velvets are beautiful, and I am looking forward to more flosses! Congrats on the new job, and I hope it is a wonderful move for you both.

  3. ooo, that top orangey one is fantastic!