More stitchin'

Yesterday was the perfect day to curl up in my chair and stitch away the afternoon. The snow came down all day at a fast even pace and covered my world with an even deeper blanket. Everything looks so clean and fresh. No one walks though the back area where our windows face so its beautiful pristine expanses and I love it. It was so bright last night when we went to bed that D exclaimed it looked like day out and took a few pics. This was taken at 1am!

Granted it looks darker as a pic, but you can just
imagine how bright it was to get this pic at night.

I am quite pleased with the new additions to this piece. It is starting to come along quite nicely I think. I do love things bright dont I?

Hope you and yours are having a great weekend!
6 comments on "More stitchin'"
  1. love the snowy photo and your stitching is divine as always ;-)

  2. interesting how the velvet recedes as you stitch--might be an effect to exploit in another piece

  3. WOW! It's a lovely shot of the snow..

  4. Amazing light! Sometimes I wonder too where all the light comes from at night.
    Your stitching is beautiful!

  5. wonderful photo :) very peaceful looking

    i love all the colours :D

  6. That 1 a.m. snow shot is amazing. It was a beautiful snow. Looking forward to hearing the results of your hubby's interview ... you must be somewhat numb at the thought of moving again! Take care of yourself.