Chasing those cobwebs away!

Finally, I get some rest. I woke up feeling greatly refreshed yesterday and got back to work with a vengeance. In those last few days of blur I was lost in my choice of stitches so I wondered over to Pin Tangle Sharon B's wonderful blog. If you look in the right column there is a link to her Stitch Dictionary. I went over there trying to jog my memory since I couldn't think of a single stitch...and went away learning five or so new ones. I'm not done either. I think I will be stopping by often to this wonderful resource. Her blog is amazing showing several examples of her work. I hear she teaches great online classes too.

I finished the embroidery part of my mermaid bag! I have to admit it didn't go at all the way I planned, but I still like it quite a lot. I cant wait to finish making it into a bag and see how it looks then. I do like the water motif and plan to explore this further.

I also did quite a bit on another fairy shoe pincushion. I cant seem to find a good color choice for the pin cushion part of the first one and modified the pattern a little bit for the second one. This one has a lot more work to be done on it though. I really like the roses and black combination.

And guess what came in the mail? My gloves I have been waiting for! Now I can once again get to work on my paisley project!

My hands are very happy today *^_^*
5 comments on "Chasing those cobwebs away!"
  1. Tell me about these gloves? I know what you mean about the insomnia. After laying awake for 2 hours several nights a week, I decided to go walking in the day. if I don't then when I wake up I lay in bed for 30 minmutes, then if I haven't gone back to sleep I get up and go in the sewing room. I found when I serf the web when I can't sleep, my brain won't shut off, so I iron, or sew for 30-60 minutes....then I do a few exercises, like lifting my 2.5lb.(each) weights, or marching or 25 (YIKES) jumping jacks. It seems if I get my blood pumping, I am able to go back to sleep. Maybe you know something else? Keep up the stitching, it looks good! p.s. you didn't tell me what color makes you happy!

  2. Sheri, maybe your blood pressure is too low. A cup of coffee between 7 and 9 p.m. can be helpful. If it comes from too much mental activity, try this:

  3. Very cool designs...
    Hey... I was up for hours-- coughing away-- til I finally got a cough syrup that got rid of my cough... AMEN!!! Hope you get some sleep.... Take care and have a nice weekend... Leesa

  4. Seems like your insomnia is drawing more attention than those beautiful stitches! I really like the feathery 3D flower,?; I don't know what You used, bot it looks like a French Knot stitch, finished off with a bead. Very Pretty!
    BTW...You know I care about your sleep, and I really believe the 15-30 minute one way walk, in fresh air, then sketch, and back home is the answer. As for your losing train of thought, hmmmm, I guess I live in a world of MIST! =)

  5. OH! I forgot to say, that if you put some sand, or bulky saw dust in your pin cushions, it will hold the needle better, more firmly. Also, if you use sand, it will not only be easier in and out, it can help keep needles sharp.....instead of the end of your thimble, which you have never used. =p