The ugly beast has reared it head. Usually it wont relent until it has it's fill. Four days now with little rest. I was hoping I had passed beyond these bouts of terrible insomnia. I used to suffer from it frequently. In fact it's what drew me to the computer. Many a night when I couldn't sleep I wandered the pathways of the internet. It's a very frustrating problem. I have so much I want to get done...things that are very hard to do when I feel like my eyeballs are falling out of my head. I'm afraid that there is little progress here. Class has been pure torture and just getting daily chores done is a long drawn out process.
I started work on a little piece two days ago. It was coming along at a nice speed. Most of what I was doing required little thought. Then I started on the embroidery. For me, this requires MUCH thought. I pondered the colors, stitches and composition for hours. It was ridiculous. It's a simple piece. My insomnia has rendered me brainless. Completely without the ability to make a decision. So my piece is not done. It sits here on my lap mocking my inability. So, I have no pictures to post. I really havent made any progress. Thanks so much for the thoughtful replies to my last post though. I am very determined to make this Etsy thing happen. It's either that or go out into the french speaking world to work. Seeing that my french is abysmal I'm hoping to avoid that. I think I can find a nice balance between making things that satisfy my creative urge and making things that other people want. Now to just get some sleep so I can actually make it happen....hope to be back soon with much news on much progress ^_^ take care all!
2 comments on "Insomnia"
  1. Going to sleep sometimes is my problem too. I'll spare you with advice that you can read everywhere, but mention what you probably will not find. There are phases of sleeplessness in the course of the year and it gets better after a few weeks. -- Second: When lying in bed and trying to sleep, of course, thoughts will appear. Now observe your closed eyes. Where do they look? Upward? This is the memory position. Try to direct them down to an imagined horizon. Let them rest there unforcibly and lead them back there if they turn upward again.

  2. My sympathies, I suffer too and unfortunatley the older I get the worse it seems to be getting. That's so true about your eyes though (although I didn't realise it was the memory position), it is more easy to relax when you conciously direct them downwards. :)