I am home sick again today after another long night of insomnia and much head pain and stomache aches. I think I am beginning ot suspect a reoccurance of my GERD which I suffered from greatly last year. Unfortunately D is undergoing exams this week and has no time to go to the doctor with me. ( The doc speaks French, I speak English...kinda need an interpreter there)
Anyway while I was wandering about this morning and I came across Eva's post on wasting textiles and it made me wonder how many people would be interested in a simple tutorial on some of the reweaving and reknitting methods I know. I couldn't really teach you anything to detailed but I could teach a few basics. Please drop me a line if you are interested and I'll see if I can sketch up some diagrams and make a post about such things.
I will be stitching away on the couch today. Maybe I will post a pic of how the paisley piece is coming along later. Take care for now!
4 comments on "Reweaving"
  1. Tutorials are always welcome to curious craftspeople! But before dropping a line, I have to admit that I don't have an idea what reweaving and reknitting is. Could you give a short explanation, so I know if it is something I should be interested in?
    As for GERD -- I'd like to share what helps me, if required.

  2. Ah, by the way -- I just linked to the post, these were not my thoughts!

  3. ah yes sorry Eva that I didnt make that clear. I should have said the LINK on your post :(

  4. I still have all the reweaving books! =)