Watch out. here I come!

Bonjour Everyone! I am quite excited today as I finally received my tjantings. I have been searching far and wide for ones that were affordable AND they didnt charge an arm and a leg for shipping. Unfortunately most shipping from the USA is astronomical. I found these in Malaysia.
Funny thing is, I've only done one Batik in my whole life. I love them and I really want to do them but I dont really know what Im doing. This will be a whole new adventure for me. Good thing I am a great lover of adventure eh? So I guess the next step in this process is to design something I would like to batik. I'll be thinking on that in the next days.

I also came up with another great idea for something I want to make and my mind is all awhirl with thoughts on that. In the meantime here is my progress on my paisley piece. I keep telling myself "slow and steady, steady and slow..." Some things just take time and this is one of them.
5 comments on "Watch out. here I come!"
  1. most things worthwhile take time....and batik is one of them too. enjoy! maybe its time for some dots!

  2. New experience is most inspiring, isn't it? Sometimes, the best pieces were made when you did not yet gain full control over the technique. So I wish you good luck! The paisley things are so beautiful, its a pleasure to watch them grow.

  3. I am loving your paisley designs.

  4. I'm looking forward to watching you learn and play with your new toys. Have fun!

  5. I have a set of batik tjang? and the wax, I've had them for years but never used them, maybe that will have to be my next challenge!


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