Underwater frolic

I have had to turn away from my paisleys for awhile. Even with my new gloves too many days satin stitching makes my hands cry. I have been trying to sit still, be a good girl and follow doctors orders but I had to get out and buy some things at the store yesterday, as Dorian was gone from early til late with no chance to stop. I regretted it though. I guess they were serious when they said no strenuous activity!
Once again this morning I couldn't sit still till I cleaned a little on the house but just straightening the bedroom and sweeping the floor in there brought me to my couch. I love to sit and stitch and often when Im too busy I think to myself that if I had a chance I would just stitch forever. I am learning this week that too long at one thing and your body aches to move. It's one thing to want to rest all day, it's another to be told you have to.

So to give myself some variety and add a bit of excitement back into my life, I started working on my mermaid bag again. I have long admired Jude's method of weaving strips of raw edged fabric and this work called for something raw and natural. I am still regreting my choice of background fabric as it seems to glitzy and shiny for what I'm wanting but I have some ideas. I am already loving this piece more and more!

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  1. A very promising view! I hope you will be okay very soon. And cautious. Take care!