Hello Everyone! Hope you are well. I am slowly beginning to feel like myself again. I knew I was starting to feel better yesterday when I caught myself organizing the dishes in the cabinet. Last week I could have cared less if the dishes were stacked properly. I am really hoping I get better fast as we have a trip planned to the Pyrenees on the 11th. D finally gets a break from all this work and wants to go relax in the mountains and do some snowboarding. I myself will keep a spot warm by the fireplace *^__^*

So I rethought my seahorse yesterday and with some good advice from Eva ( a woman with a great sense of color!) I decided to redo parts of him. I took off the dark beads. I felt they were just too great of a contrast with the rest of the piece and just didnt set him off as well as I wanted them too. Instead I replaced them with some cream colored pearl beads and did some defining stitches around the belly and fin parts. I like him MUCH better now. What do you think?

For those of you waiting for a reknitting tutorial, I haven't forgotten. Sorry to be so slow about this. I had first planned on doing drawings but decided that was way too complicated of a subject to draw. Also I think it would be better for people to see it done on the actual cloth. I searched around for something suitable and found the perfect hole in my white cashmere robe:

So the pictures have been shot and the repair done. (in bright blue!) Now I just need to add some details with photoshop and hopefully I can post it sometime in the next week.
2 comments on "Revamp"
  1. I thought your seahorse was perfect before. Now, it's even better.

  2. I really love the seahorse. So glad that you are starting to feel better.