Slow progress

I have been sick all week. I think actually that is the reason my insomnia came about. Anyway, I have missed class all week and haven't been feeling up to much. I did get more done on the paisley piece though.

Here is a pic of recent progress and I actually have even more done on it. D has had that laptop with him most days recently and I cant transfer pics without it. I will try to upload another pic of it soon. Besides that piece I haven't been working on anything...that doesn't stop me from thinking about other things. I have plans for another project soon. Also want to finish my mermaid bag and my last fairy boot. And write some articles on reweaving. And..and..and *hehe*
"Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men..."
Here's to good health and progress!
2 comments on "Slow progress"
  1. The paisleys are beautiful. How versatile! Each one is so different from the rest.

  2. Beautiful and skillful work! I'm still sick too-- "THE COUGH!" Hope you are feeling better soon-- I'm going on 6 weeks now!!!