Things Are Looking Up!

My honey returned home yesterday and I finally quit holding my breath.He is a little worse for the wear but nothing time wont heal. I have him plumped up with lots of pillows upon the couch and it is good to see his face here again. It is a lonely place, this house, without him here.

I have tried to keep busy as much as possible even with this upset. Today was the opening of my new ArtFire shop. I will now have a shop there just devoted to my dyed fibers. It is still bare bones but I will be adding all my items there a bit at a time. I think it will help to keep my hand stitched items and my dyed items seperate.

I also just finished unwrapping this lovely bit. I just love it!

7 comments on "Things Are Looking Up!"
  1. So glad your husband is better. I've been thinking of you. Was he working too hard?

  2. Eva~ They never did give us a definite answer,they have many theories but not enough evidence to back any of them up. For now I am just being thankful that he is recovering.

  3. That shibori piece is fabulous! I'm so glad to hear that your husband is home and doing better.

  4. gorgeous goods! Add my good wishes to your husband's being home and getting better.

  5. Phew! Glad to hear things are looking up...


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